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What is'pH' and what is its ideal 'balance' and why It matters?

What is pH in skin?

The term “pH” refers to “potential of hydrogen”.

The pH of a solution is indicated by a numeric scale that runs from 0-14. Anything below 7 (which is pH neutral) is considered acidic, while anything with a pH greater than 7 is considered alkaline. The pH scale is logarithmic, means a tenfold increase multiplied by 10 separates each pH number. That means a pH of 3 is 100 times more powerful than a pH of 5.

How does pH affect skin?

Your skin is protected by a thin layer known as the acid mantle. It is a film of amino and lactic acids that are responsible for keeping in lipids and moisture while blocking germs, pollution, toxins, and bacteria. The acid mantle should be slightly acidic. When it’s too alkaline, skin becomes dry and sensitive. You can suffer from dry and sensitive skin and may even get eczema Men’s skin tends to be more acidic than women’s skin, and although the pH of our skin increases with age, it remains acidic.

Repeatedly disturbing skin’s pH to a strong scale can lead to many problems, including common skin disorders and that dry, tight feeling from washing with alkaline liquid soaps. daily use of products whose pH is too high or too low visibly and progressively damages skin.

What is the optimal skin pH level?

Skin’s surface and uppermost layers are naturally acidic, making it compatible with acidic skin care products. skin’s pH range is not conclusive, most research shows skin’s average pH is 4.7.

What is pH-balanced skin care?

It refers to products formulated with a pH that falls in the range of normal, healthy skin. That range is most often cited as being between pH 4 and pH 6.5. All our products are pH balanced. 

The pH of our products

Here are common pH ranges for our products:

BOOST Brightening Serum pH 5.8
REPAIR Anti Wrinkle Serum  pH 5.6
HYDRATE Replenishing Serum pH 5.7
SMOOTH Resurfacing Serum

pH 3.8 ( for AHA/BHA's any reading between 3 and 4 is considered most effective )


Can You Layer Skin Care Products with Different pH Levels?

It’s OK to immediately layer products with differing pH levels, such as applying a moisturiser over an AHA exfoliant. Normally, it’s chemically impossible for a higher-pH product to make a lower-pH product ineffective, and the reverse is also true. You can gain the visible benefits all of these ingredients provide, no need to adjust your routine! 

4 ways to keep pH levels balanced for healthy skin

Most research has shown that keeping skin pH levels under 5 is an effective way to ward off unwanted skin issues.

Follow the four tips below to maintain a balanced pH level and beautiful skin:

  1. Keep your skin moisturized. Be sure to keep skin adequately moisturized for proper balance — yes, even if you have acne-prone skin! Drying products can disrupt skin pH levels and exacerbate issues like acne and irritation.
  2. Use skincare products with a low pH. Soap-based cleansers tend to be more alkaline, so using facial and body cleansers with a lower pH are better options.
  3. Make an effort to exfoliate two or three times a week (less frequently if you're experiencing irritation). It's also important to choose the best exfoliant for your skin.
  4. Use sunscreen with a built-in moisturizer to keep skin supple and protected against UV damage

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